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We bring you the best survival gear you should have in your Prepper Survival Kit. Read our articles if you are looking for survival knowledge and prepper oriented views.

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Fenix TK09 LED Flashlight, 900 lumens.
Best compact flashlight for preppers?The Fenix TK09 2016 LED flashlight boasts a powerful 900 lumens, feels super sturdy and blows away its competition. Probably the best pocket-sized flashlights I could get my hands on.
situational awareness survival environment
Situational awarenessSituational awareness in survival and many other areas in life, can make the difference between life and death. Stay alert and focussed on the right things.
When the banking system collapses
Money makes the world go roundWhen the banking system collapses and currencies disappear, we will go back to exchanging goods. What is the value of money?
LifeStraw Water Filter
LifeStraw Water FilterThe most important thing in your prepper survival kit should be the one thing that prevents you from getting sick, weak or dying first.
Anker Astro E7 26800 25600 mAh Power Bank
Anker Astro E7 Power BankA small device with a huge capacity. The Anker Astro E7 power bank holds 26800 mAh and ensures the fastest recharge speeds thanks to Anker's PowerIQ.
Solar flare disrupting electronics and gps
The Achilles heel of modern electronicsSolar storms occur a couple of times a year, most of them are minor. But when a major solar flare hits earth, your electronics may not be safe.
BaoFeng UV-5R HAM
BaoFeng UV-5R HAM RadioWhen cellular towers stop working and the internet is down, a HAM radio like the BaoFeng UV-5R is the most reliable way to communicate over medium to large distances.
Wavia Nato Steel Jerry Can 5 Gallon
NATO steel jerry canDo you take your oil supply for granted? Recent events proved that you can immobilize a country by blocking their oil supply. Check out these mil-spec Wavia NATO steel jerry cans.

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